Thank you for considering investing in a professional session with Pet Photos Plus

Pet Photos Plus is a pet and family photography studio. We will create a truly beautiful and lasting portrait of your
pet and family that you will admire and cherish for a lifetime. Animals bring such joy to our lives with their unconditional love
and companionship, and we document that through our photography.



We are enriched by our pets and animal companions.


Though the pets may vary, every owner knows each one of them is unique with his or her own personality. To look into their eyes is to see a little piece of their soul. And, bringing out that personality and soul is what we try to capture in our photography. This is what we love to do and we find it a joy and privilege. 

Portrait sessions take place in our studios, your home or a designated location. You will be pleased with your pet portraits and come back every year for more photos and products.


We are award-winning professional pet and family photographers
located in New Hope, Pennsylvania.


Our unique portraits express the special relationships between you and your pets. Our special skills, love for animals, and patience will be exactly what is required to make your portraits truly a work of art.



Reach us by phone or use the contact form.


When you're ready to reach out, we will come to the location your pet and family are the happiest and most comfortable, whether it's in our studios, your home or a park. You will be involved in the entire process and our time together will be enjoyable and productive.